About us

SGC is a leading-edge company within the field of sustainable development having a national Swedish assignment. We work under the vision of "Catalyzing energygas development for sustainable solutions". We co-ordinate technical development including manufacture, distribution and utilization of energy gases and spread knowledge on energy gases. Focus is on renewable gases from anaerobic digestion and gasification. Together with private companies and the Swedish Energy Agency and its frame program co-operation program Energy gas technology we develop new solutions where the energygases could provide benefits for a sustainable society.

We publish fact brochures and the results from our research projects in the report series SGC Rapport. Reports are downloadable free of charge - or else you could subscribe to them in printed version. Brochures are available for purchase.

SGC is owned by a handful of big energy companies. We are one of some 100 cleantech companies in Malmö and listed on the website of Malmö Cleantech City.